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New York City Police Department Vector Logo Download

The New York City Police Department is one of the oldest police departments established in the United States. It is currently the largest municipal police force in the United States, with primary responsibilities in law enforcement and investigation within the five boroughs of New York City. The NYPD... 

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If you ever heard about making money from the internet and want to immediately kick-in into the business, then the first thing you should go is to create a website or blog. There are many free resources and applications around the web that allows you to easily create a free blog/website in less than... 

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Superb Internet Vector Logo Download

Established on 1996, have made one of the best web hosting provider in United States. Within that 15 years of experience, has acknowledgments for being the first such as: First to offer name-based virtual hosting (1990s) First to offer unlimited site, third-level domain wildcard... 

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Datacenters are a place where tens to hundreds of webhosting are placed to serve millions to billions data request everyday. Back on the past decade, the number of servers weren’t so many as today. As we know that in 1995 the average internet speed was 1,544 kbps and approximately total users... 

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Smirnoff Vector Logo Download

Smirnoff is a brand of vodka now owned and produced by the British company Diageo. The Smirnoff brand began with a vodka distillery founded in Moscow by Pyotr Arsenievich Smirnov, the son of illiterate Russian peasants. It is now distributed in 130 countries. Smirnoff products include vodka, flavored... 

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Great Lakes Maritime Research Institute Vector Logo Download

The Great Lakes Maritime Research Institute (GLMRI) was established in 2004 to pursue research efforts in marine transportation, logistics, economics, engineering, environmental planning, and port management. The US Maritime Administration designated GLMRI as a National Maritime Enhancement Institute... 

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Xyron Vector Logo Download

Xyron develops, manufactures and sells innovative adhesive application, laminate application and image transfer products designed to enhance and protect ordinary printer output, digital images, photographs and hand-generated items. Xyron’s products are based on a unique set of innovative film,... 

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Rapid Vector Logo Download

The Rapid brand is recognized as one of the world’s leading specialists in the design and manufacture of desktop staplers, stapling tools for building, construction and decoration, glue guns and electrical insert staplers. Rapid Inside Solution is an area that offers insert staplers to world leading... 

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Leitz Vector Logo Download

Leitz‘s commitment to R&D means that these products are being constantly updated and renewed to ensure they continue to be the best products on the market. The Leitz brand is used in both the Filing and Workspace categories. In the Filing category the major Leitz products are: lever arch files,... 

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Esselte Company Vector Logo Download

On August 1, 1970, the group changed its name to Esselte. With high liquidity, vast borrowing potential and an agreed overseas acquisition program, Esselte embarked on a period of dynamic growth; beginning with the acquisition of Benson’s International Systems Ltd, the world’s largest producer...